Our Story

What’s our story? Well…

We are a team of cartographers, technologists, and web-based engineers whose careers have been spent building complex mapping solutions for a wide variety of government clients and recreational GPS providers. In the early 2000′s we pioneered richly interactive web-based fishing maps built on open source technology. It was an experiment that took on a life of its own and provided some really hard lessons learned about web-based consumer mapping applications, crowd sourcing, and local knowledge. Mapper is an attempt to apply those hard lessons learned.

Consumers don’t want to be presented with concepts they don’t understand or have to make choices about things they don’t normally think about. They want ease of use, convenience, and simplicity when setting up a map or eventually making a map more advanced.

Think of our service as buying a plate at a mapping buffet. To start, your plate gets loaded up with only the map information and features you really need. If you feel adventurous or need something else you can add more to your plate from our buffet. We won’t charge you the price of eating at a 5 star restaurant or make you go back in the kitchen to try to cook something yourself. Your local knowledge is the spice that makes the plate worth talking about.


Brian Klutina King II

Brian Welde is President of Mapper. Brian is a creative problem solver who is often way too relentless. He has spent a decade bootstrapping mapping solutions with limited resources to compete against companies with lots of resources. He kind of doesn’t know when to quit and really needs a vacation. Brian is not a programmer but is good at working with programmers. He does not love details but does love summer brew.


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