Interactive Event Map

This video shows how to use Mapper (mappermaps.com) to create an interactive event map for a fundraiser. Mapper allows you to quickly and easily communicate location based details that are necessary but not easy to do with traditional mapping solutions. Easily show event stations, parking, routes of travel, to give your audience a better understanding of your event or to help with planning your event.

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Community Race Map
Community Race Map
Community Home Owners
Community Home Owners
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What You Get

• Preloaded map information for your audience or mapping requirements.

• A full set of features to allow you to add and manage your own local content.

• The ability to interact with the map in multiple ways and share the map via social networks.


All maps come pre-packaged with the type of information and features relevant for a particular use or type of audience. Map administrators can embed icons or logos with hyperlinks to organization, sponsor, or advertiser websites.

Map administrators can log-in at any time and add, modify, or delete local content. Content can be public or private. Private content is accessible through a read-only log-in that can be distributed or sold by the map administrator.

Print maps and download information in KML or GPX format.

Coordinate display and the ability to quickly extract coordinates from the map. Locate position on mobile devices.

Maps are delivered as a URL and as embed code for instant access in websites or blogs.

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